Apartment Development



Badenerstrasse 575/581

8048 Zurich




Floor surface apartm.: 4’900 m2

Floor surface shops: 700 m2

Plot surface: 1'870 m2

Completion:  October 2012



  • Research & Brief Development
  • Full Architectural Services for Building and Interior
  • Marketing & Letting

K.I.S.S. is a bold residential complex with 46 individually styled maisonettes (2.5 – 4.5 rooms) in Zurich. The demand for identity and individuality in the rental industry has massively increased in the past years, and this project is a response to those ever-growing needs. The concept of K.I.S.S. puts the future tenant and his personal lifestyle at the centre of its thinking.

Starting the project, the architects carried out an intensive market research of the area which helped to identify three potential tenant groups. The result was a bold concept of individual maisonettes with striking interior designs. The tenants were given the choice between three distinct apartment characters CLASSIC, INDUSTRIAL and FUNKY.

The FUNKY stands for (K)Cool, Insiders, Snowboarders and Surfers/Sea-lovers = K.I.S.S. Bold colors, wall graphics and funky materials characterize this apartment type.

The INDUSTRIAL stands for (K)Clear, Industrial, Sovereign and Sympathetic = K.I.S.S. Clear and contemporary exposed concrete, stainless steel in the kitchen and plywood panels support the industrial character of these apartments.

At last, the CLASSIC stands for (K)Culture, International, Subtle and Style = K.I.S.S. Wooden floors and light matching colours in the kitchen, cozy bathroom and a fresh-looking living / dining room offer a comfortable space.

Also in its external appearance, K.I.S.S. creates an independent building sculpture with the north and south facades as opposites. To the North, the shiny almost leather like facade with slightly tilted metal window frames gives the building its unmistakable identity. The window openings are designed differently for each apartment type and reflect the position of the apartment typologies.

The building opens up towards the South with floor height windows and generous terraces and balconies. The delicate suspended balconies are individually designed with coloured blinds to match the apartment typology on the inside and give the south facade a friendly and lively feel.

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