Sferiq Town

Creative Settlement



Building plot size: 310'000 m2



  • 50 Single Houses
  • 100 town Houses
  • 160 Apartments

Creative Centre:

  • School & Kindergarten
  • Science & Entert. Centre
  • Art Hub & Hotel
  • Business Facilities
  • Academy
  • Shopping, Market Hall
  • Sport & Recreation Centre


  • Native Forest
  • Animal Park
  • Lake
  • Botanical Garden
  • Outdoor Sport Facilities

SferiqTown is a development project conceived by investment company Sferiq as a franchise project. Aiming to create out-of-city communities, or city quarters, a whole complex of products and services will be offered under the SferiqTown brand. An innovative technology will be used to transform physical spaces into a new social environment stimulating its residents to produce new knowledge and technical innovations. Unlike other housing development schemes, this project is an unprecedented attempt at dissuading creative people from leaving Russia by providing them with the comfortable and inspiring environment to realize their potentials in business innovation and scientific research from the comfort of their own neighbourhood.

SferiqTown concept is based on the idea of a harmonious coexistence of residential areas closed for visitors and areas with developed education, business, culture and sport facilities accessible to the visiting public. The Creative Centre with its communication piazza, the Forum, forms the “heart” of the town, becoming its main entertainment area and a primary social meeting place. A town’s new social environment formed through open and free communication will positively influence the quality of living and lifestyles of the neighbouring territories.

The project formula

The concept of SferiqTown can be visualized in the following formula:

‘SIA’ Smart interactive architecture + ‘HCD’ Human-Centred Design + ‘Enabling Spaces Process’ a psychological portrait of the user group, based on scientific interdisciplinary research = SferiqTown, the concept of a town for creative people.

The SferiqTown concept focuses on individuals and their requirements, and the conviction that a person will build his/her own future if they live in a comfortable social community, which allows them:

• To work in a smart environment.

• To study continuously from Kindergarten to Business Academy based on the leading edge educational methods

• To live in comfortable surroundings conducive to spending more time with their family and friends.

‘Plug and Play’ principle

SferiqTown is constructed as a network of building modules for residential, social, educational, entertainment and service purposes, functioning according to the ‘Plug and Play’ principle. Changing the positioning, dimension and functions of the network’s elements can easily adjust the layout and sizes of the modules and thus each complex can be adapted to the land and the people for whom they are built.

The residential areas of the settlement comprise three types of “smart” living possibilities:

• Single houses

• Town houses

• Apartment blocks

These houses and apartments will be built according to specifications that enable them to be easily personalized by transforming the space changing the façade, size and functionality to accommodate different family sizes and their varying needs throughout the years. Residents will have the opportunity to independently create a home to suit their own preferences.

The architectural concept of the single houses and town houses is based on a composition of simple volumes, and each home has its own garden and access to a communal playground shared with neighbouring residents. Set in quiet residential zones with private access, these form an attractive localized community, a haven for family life.

Single Houses

Residents of the single houses have the opportunity to adapt the layout of their houses at any time to suit their needs and create their ideal homes. The single houses are comfortable and modern and can transform in different ways. During the main construction stage the resident will be able to choose the configuration of the plan floor-by-floor, as well as the design of the façade, and the position of the interior walls. These buildings will be adaptable even once the construction work has been completed, and can therefore be modified according to the changing needs of the residents (for example an additional floor or room, or a complete revising of the internal layout).

In the centre of each single house there is a unique space where members of the family can work on creative projects, a double height room for creative works. Due to the easy adaptability of the floor plan, the area of the “creative space” can be changed to accommodate all sorts of creative activities

Town Houses

These transformable townhouses are ideal for accommodating young families. With the possibility to change the functions, design and size, residents can reorganize their living spaces at different periods of their lives. The design of these townhouses is based on the composition of simple volumes to create a compact form. The intelligent layout of the floors and the flexibility of the interior space ensure that maximum use is made of the living quarters.

Like the single houses, the townhouses accommodate a central two story “creative space” which can be adapted to suit different creative activities. Thanks to the flexibility of the whole plan this room can be increased or decreased in size depending on the needs of the residing family.

Apartment blocks

The apartment blocks are an unusual residential complex of modern, curving apartment blocks that adhere to the lifestyle requirements of young people. Each building is made up of modules, compiled like a mosaic out of different blocks rising and falling in one form. The lower duplex apartments have direct access on one side to the pedestrian zone. The apartments above gain access by a large flight of stairs.

The ground floor of every building contains a large area suitable for working on creative projects and meeting friends, and will incorporate cinema and theatre halls. The apartment blocks will have convenient access to the small parks, where residents can exercise, take part in sport activities, barbeque and socialize with friends.

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