Workplace design

Basel, Switzerland

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG

St Jakobs-Strasse 25

CH-4002 Basel




Floor Area:  4’300 m2

Completion:  2016

Workstations: 154



  • Research & Brief Development
  • Full Architectural Services
  • Workplace Design



Peter Würmli

HEALTH in the workplace is becoming more and more important. PwC Switzerland commissioned Evolution Design to create a super healthy work environment for their new Basel office. The workplace concept is fully embracing the four key pillars of health: activity, attitude, rest and nutrition.


Keeping active

‘Sitting at a desk all day is not very healthy. It’s better to walk, move around and work in different positions. The challenge for us was to create spaces that work so well that people will get up and move to different areas when they are doing different tasks.’


Three work typologies were established: the Focus Space, a desk area where employees can work on their own while still being part of a team environment; the Quiet Zone, a place without phones and with private work spaces where it’s possible to concentrate without interruption. For group tasks, the Team Space features large shared desks, whiteboards and walls on which to pin project work.


Positive attitude

Workspace design can play a role in creating a positive mindset. At PwC Switzerland’s office in Basel, employees are free to choose the kind of work environment that best suits their mood and task – whether that’s meeting in a think tank, working at the bar in the coffee zones or using a phone booth for privacy when making phone calls.


Corporate engagement also helps create a positive attitude and Evolution Design has used colour, photography and graphic design to ensure the office is an inspiring three dimensional representation of the culture and mindset of PwC Switzerland.


Rest and relaxation

If power napping at your desk is more likely to earn approbation than applause at your office, the reverse is true at PwC Switzerland’s Basel office. Evolution Design has created a room specifically for relaxation, employing natural motifs, organic shapes, low-level lighting and music. It comes complete with massage chairs and the MetroNap Energy Pod, a rejuvenation space for taking power naps.


Eat your way to health

The final consideration is that of nutrition. We created a series of graphics to motivate people to eat well and the office design includes spaces such as the numerous coffee points, which serve both as social hubs and places for spontaneous meetings. There’s also a new 7th floor roof terrace, which is a popular place for lunch.