Inter-Community School Zurich

Redesign of a school entrance hall


Client & Address

Inter-Community School Zurich

Strubenacher 3, Postfach

8126 Zumikon




120 m2



July 2017



© Evolution Design and ICS

Evolution Design was commissioned by the Inter-Community School Zurich to redesign the main entrance hall to the Diploma Studies Centre, by turning a nondescript circulation route into an exciting collaboration and study space.

The Inter-Community School Zurich is a private international day school, which offers a comprehensive educational programme in English for children from ages of 3 to 18.

The new design forms a fresh and individual space that reflects ICS’s culture and values, and gives their staff and students a strong sense of belonging.

During the planning stage, the students along with the staff were greatly involved in the decision-making process by expressing their needs and favoured use of the space as well as their preferences in furniture, material and colour choices.

As the refit of the entrance hall took place during the school holidays, the design concept was tailored to a solution, which could be implemented during 2 weeks of construction time.

Three pods are built into the wall at the far end of the entry hall, creating spaces where students can study or relax. The lower pods are equipped with whiteboards, allowing students to write and sketch freely onto the walls and tables of the pods. The portable poufs and beanbags allow students to shape the space according to their individual needs. Additionally, the entrance hall wall was painted as a blackboard, which students are using for creative painting sessions to turn the wall into an individual artwork. Funky graphics – including the mission statements of the school – are placed along the walls, creating an inspiring homely feeling and a strong sense of engagement.

The newly fitted entrance hall is a great example of how an underused circulation route can be transformed into an inspiring and empowering space for students to study and relax.