Ponte Parodi


Genua, Italien

Citta Mossa

Ponte Parodi





Konzeptentwicklung: 2001 



A new wave of activity has recently energised the activities of the port of Genoa.  This new urban dynamic demonstrates the enormous potential in Genoa for further development in terms of contacts with other mediterranean countries as well as a re-qualification and re-use of the old port for the use by the local citizens.

The aim is to create a new attraction point on Ponte Parodi for Genoa and the rest of the world.  The proposed scheme has to be in proportion to the city in order to become a real landmark.  To achieve this with a self-financing venture we made three main strategic choices, focusing the investments on specific items, creating a new visual identity for Genoa whilst allowing the main functions to remain very flexible, and therefore obtaining the best value for money.  This forms the basis of our project proposal www.citta-mossa.com. 

Our general proposal of functions is not a static one but a flexible proposal.  Functions can be adapted to present needs and changed over the years.  The proposed project allows different spatial qualities for public of different age groups and interests.  The shell structure is a roof-like structure that itself has flexible qualities which react to the possible changes of internal functions.  This masterplan of functions on Ponte Parodi has been worked out thoroughly for current use but its flexibility will allow for alterations or a whole different set of functions as the project and program develop through discussion and investigation. Our masterplan will represent a 24-hour dynamic program.

The intention is to create a new flexible exhibition area that is not limited to a single subject, but open to anything new and interesting to modern society and its future trends and progress.  The idea is to take advantage of existing shared exhibition systems of the best and most interesting subjects exhibited world-wide and bring these to Genoa: This guarantees a high level of continuous attraction on an international level for the entire region.  Periodically changing themes and exhibits guarantee that the visitor's interests will be maintained and that they will re-visit Ponte Parodi for the next interesting event.  This represents a continuous process, which the entire site can benefit from and which offers the opportunity for self re-invention over the years.