Deli Bar


Unilever Headquarters Schaffhausen

Deli Bar


Spitalstrasse 27 

8200 Schaffhausen




Total Sitzplätze: 75

Nutzungsfläche: 90 m2

Fertigstellung:  Juni 2011



  • Projekt-Management
  • Bau-Management
  • Quantitative Umfrage
  • Research & Strategieentwicklung
  • Architektur- und Planungsleistungen



Peter Würmli

With the expansion of the Schaffhausen offices as the main European hub for Unilever’s Supply Chain Company, Unilever asked Evolution Design to create their new 2'300 m2 office with an identity that would clearly reflect and represent their core values and visions to the outside world, employees, clients and visitors alike.

Inside the space, the Unilever brand is omnipresent to strengthen the idea of belonging to the Unilever family. This was achieved on a variety of levels, e.g. by strong visual branding on the core elements, displaying Unilever visions and values. Mixed product branding was cleverly employed in the individual meeting room designs, with each meeting room representing and named after selected Unilever brands. Quiet Areas and Vitality Zones were designed with a concept of atmospheric branding through the use of brand or product attributes creating moods that evoke feelings of certain brand attributes.

Unilever’s new offices in Schaffhausen are an excellent example how a company’s identity with its core values and visions, in the context of an agile workplace, can be represented in various layers in the design and be experienced on multiple levels by employees as well as visitors and clients.

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