12 апартаментов класса люкс


'Lichtblick', Апартаменты класса люкс 

Drusbergstrasse 54 

8053 Цюрих




Общая площадь: 3`000 м2

Строительный объем: 5`700 м3

Завершен: Март 2001



  • Исследование, составление задания на проектирование
  • Разработка архитектурного проекта

The identity of this project was determined by the natural qualities of the site, including the light quality and views.

The concept and positioning of the buildings creates harmonious integration into the landscape and provides all apartments with extensive views over the lake and city.

Expansive glazing, together with careful orientation, facilitates maximum levels of natural day- and sunlight. The three buildings are grouped around a central entrance atrium that enables a large area of the site to be retained as a landscaped park, providing a tranquil distance from neighbours.