Credit Suisse

Pilot project Smart Working


Credit Suisse AG   

Hagenholzstrasse 20/22

8050 Цюрих




Общая площадь: 2`200  м2

Тип раб. простр-ва: Smart Working

Завершен: Ноябрь 2010



  • Руководство проектированием
  • Руководство строительством
  • Исследование, составление задания на проектирование
  • Разработка архитектурного проекта
  • Дизайн рабочего пространства 



Camenzind Evolution

The Swiss company Credit Suisse makes an effort to offer an attractive and motivating working environment to its employees. To that effect, Credit Suisse introduced a Multi Space concept in 2005 where mostly open workspaces are grouped around a ‘market place’ type area. After an ideas competition, the pilot project ‘Smart Working’ has been realized in one floor of their Zurich based headquarters.

Organization and technic

The ‘Smart Working’ concept plans that the majority of the 200 employees, regardless of their tasks, will move freely within different scenarios of around 160 workspaces. A diverse range of themed worlds creates a framework for task specific activities and communication needs. 

The technical framework must ensure work can be done anytime, anywhere and without restrictions. Therefore, all employees receive laptops that can be connected to standard docking stations, monitors and keyboards.

Varied working environment

Different themed worlds create the framework for task-specific work and communication requirements. The different colours, materials, lighting and furnishings stand out as soon as one enters the offices, as they are usually not found in office spaces.

The access to the office spaces happens through two differently designed lounges. While the ‘Club lounge’ is characterized by a more formal feel with its dark coloured fit-out, the ‘City lounge’ offers a relaxed atmosphere.   The two lounges offer an espresso bar, sofas, small tables and tall tables with presentation facilities enabling users to share information over a drink between colleagues. In between the two lounges, various special zones give space for different working types. A ‘Project Area’ with a workshop feel can be arranged in a flexible way by the project teams and reserved over a longer period of time for ongoing projects. 

The "Business Garden" with its thick greenery creates a strong contrast to the standard office space. Materials and colours support the extroverted character of this area, which are both working and conversation spaces. The “Business Garden" stands next to the "Reading Room". Here you will find both the library and private books as well as image books. Small cubicles that support focused work are arranged on either side of the "Reading Room”.


Despite non-territorial workplaces, clearly defined team or group-based places are part of the concept. 50 employees share 22 standard workstations, which are distributed amongst four “home bases” in purple, green, blue and yellow, each of which extends to the back corners of the building. Along the building cores, each employee has a small personal filing cabinet; additional storage space can be found in the Team shelves. All employees can use three small rooms, which are not only reserved for executives, for concentrated work and small meetings.

Between workstations and building core is the "Comline". This zone provides a number of additional features to the standard workstations: a floor meeting area for spontaneous meetings, a "think tank" as a retreat for work phases that require increased concentration and confidential discussions, a cloakroom and a "Document Center", which accommodates technical infrastructure such as copy machine, printer, fax. A so-called Touchdown area combines three small working spaces that are available for short stays of a maximum of one hour.

For highly concentrated work, the "Quiet Areas" are ideal. Due to their location on the building end there is only low transit traffic. Shielded single working stations in form of small cabins, open on one side only, support through their introvert and discreet colours an area for concentrated work. In these, phone calls and talking are strictly forbidden.

The pilot project showed within a short timeframe that the diverse range of offers and the high quality of the interior fittings had a positive impact on the happiness and productivity of the employees.