Oficina Google Moscú

Restaurante "Samobranka"
Oficina Google Moscú
7 Balchug Street
115035 Moscú

Asientos totales: 90
Área: 240 m2
Finalización obra: octubre 2010

• Gestión estratégica del proyecto
• Investigación y desarrollo
• Servicios arquitectónicos completos


The Google office in Moscow is unique and inspiring on many levels as it embraces the local identity and the wishes of the employees. It is immediately welcoming, warm and inviting, relaxed yet focused, comfy and still serious as it provides functional and diverse work environments throughout. 

Designed with direct input and collaborative engagement of the local Googlers, the new home brings together, previously separated in two locations, engineering, sales, marketing and corporate services, identifying commonalities, essential needs and the collective spirit of the Googlers.

The cafeteria was inspired by a classical Russian dining chamber. The food buffets are clad in rich handmade tiles produced by local monks and the ceiling structures reflect light through motifs reminiscent of St. Basil’s and its wondrous ornaments.

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